How To Make Your Own Super Pails


Start with 5 gallon buckets.  They don’t have to be special buckets, just the typical five gallon buckets you might get at Home Depot or Lowes.  Some people like to use food grade buckets, but since we’re using mylar bags it’s not going to be an issue.


Mylar bags


Put mylar bags in buckets.



Pour rice/wheat/whatever food you’re storing in mylar bags.


Write contents and date on the side of bucket


Put 2,000 CC oxygen absorbers into bucket


Squeeze as much air from bag.  Then place board over bucket and put edge of mylar bag on board.  Then use a standard clothes iron to seal the edges together.  Edges will melt and stick together forming an airtight seal.


Mylar bag after sealed.



It can take 2-3 days before the bags seal up tight.  If there is still gas in the bags and you’re sure the oxygen absorbers worked and there is no puncture in the bags, the remaining gas may be nitrogen I’m told.

Not pictured: The final step of putting gamma lids on the tops of the buckets.



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