Nasdaq Market Paralyzed By Three Hour Flash Freeze

The NY Times is reporting today that, “Trading in a wide array of stocks, including popular ones like Apple and Microsoft, ground to a halt on Thursday after a technology problem at the Nasdaq stock exchange. It was the latest prominent disruption in the markets caused by computer glitches.”

stock exchange

Today the Nasdaq… tomorrow the NYSE??

Do you ever get the feeling that one day, all of your digital investments (stocks, bonds, bank CDs) could just go… POOF!  Up in smoke!  Gone… like a Nixon file.

I do. I worry about it quite a bit, actually.

I try to diversify as much as possible: Real estate, precious metals, tangibles, etc… But let’s face it: The lure of growing passive investments ala stocks and bonds is a strong one.  And let’s not forget: Prepping is a hedge against potential collapse.  If we felt there was a greater than 50% chance that the wheels were definitely going to come off, we’d already be running for the hills, Rawles-style.

But we aren’t.  Things have a tendency to work themselves out– usually.

Still, if you’re not adequately diversified into tangible investments that you can touch with your hands— today might be (yet another) red flag warning that you should get on it.

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