Storing Things You Never Read About On Lists

One of the tricks to prepping is to keep an eye out for the things you use in everyday life that may be mission critical to you, but perhaps not to somebody else.  They’re the type of things that won’t make the “Lists of Lists” that you read about on other web sites.

Sure, the first thing that comes to mind is: medication.   But you’ve read about stocking up on necessary medications before.

What I’m talking about are the type of things that you will never read on anybody else’s list because they are specific to you in some way.

Let me give you an example: We live in the high desert.  We get something like 350 days of sun a year and it’s “a dry heat.”  What that means is that when growing a vegetable garden, your plants need shelter from the constant sun. And the wind, to a lesser extent, but mostly the ever-blasting sun.


“Speaking of shade… somebody’s got it ‘made in the shade'”

We’ve found that constructing hoops out of conduit over our raised beds and then attaching shade cloths over the conduit hoop accomplishes two things:

  1. It filters out (roughly) 60% of the sun’s rays.
  2. It creates a micro system the plants respiration and prevents some of the water on the plants and soil from evaporating.  (The shade cloths still allow the sprinklers to water the plants).

The only drawback to the shade cloths are that:  They eventually rip, tear and wear out.  So, stockpiling extra shade cloths for the garden– at least in my micro climate– would be a wise thing.   Especially if mass inflation takes hold and I one day wander into my garden store to find that my $12 shade cloths are now $200 a piece.  Yikes!!

What types of things are specific to your lifestyle that you can stock up?

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