Dave Canterbury On Preparing For The Big Storm

Despite his fiasco with Dual Survivor, I’ve always felt that Dave Canterbury is a straight shooter– at least when it comes to searching for the truth about what works when it comes to survival.  I discount a lot of what they showed on the DS show as showmanship and the producers looking for sexy footage to make viewers tune in and buy more toothpaste.

But if you read some of Dave’s stuff (or watch his videos) he takes a very sober look at outdoor survival.

Below  is a video he did for some friends and family members right before Hurricane Sandy rolled onto the east coast.  I first saw it quite a while ago and it stuck in my head for some reason.  He talks about a lot of stuff you just won’t hear (or read) if you frequent the various survival forums online.  Like the importance of buckets, for example: Basic, unglamorous 5 gallon buckets you can use as a toilet or an improvised trash bucket or about 1000 other things.  Dave suggests stocking up on at least 25 of ’em.  That’s good, plain ‘ol common sense advice.  But something I’ll be a lot of people overlook as it’s not as fun as running off to the gun store.

Here’s the video.  Enjoy:

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