An RV Park For Preppers?

Over the past several years I’ve frequently thought about setting up what would basically be an RV park for preppers. Something along the lines of setting up a private self-storage facility in addition to an RV pad that each person would get (and access to utilities if available) and then charge a monthly fee. Probably have a wide fence that– if SHTF– everyone could participate in standing watch, too.

An RV Park For Preppers —
Might Get Pretty Chilly…

I mentioned the idea to Rawles a few years ago and he brought up the (very valid) point that anywhere you’d want to do something like this would get too cold for RVers in the winter. So, you would need to have cabinas (little cabins) with wood burning stoves or heat boxes so that when people arrive in their RVs, they’re not sitting in Winnebago meat lockers in a grid down scenario.

Obviously, the idea would need to be fleshed out in more detail. And the various dynamics of having what amounts to a survival retreat with several different families who don’t know each other– all with different values and levels of preparedness– might very well doom the idea from the start. Certainly, you’d need to set it up in such a manner that each renter/camper would have their own private area they could do with as they pleased. Easier said than done when somebody’s mangy mutt happens to repeatedly run into your RV or steal food from your campsite because everyone doesn’t have the same ideas about “personal space.”

But that could also be dealt with ahead of time with a clear rental agreement and understanding that the park manager has the right to evict tenants if they do not adhere to the pre-agreed standard of living.

Is There A Way To Make The “RV Park For Preppers” Idea Work With A Clear Rental Agreement?

Hard to say.  Something to think about, anyway.

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  2. This would be something my husband and I would be interested in. Maybe just 4 or 5 small families, a huge communal garden, workshops for teaching different survival skills so everybody is on the same page…it could work but you’d have to have a meet and greet first to weed out the undesirable types. Tell you what, you get it going, let me know. We’re heading out in a couple months to be full time rv preppers on the road. We’ll mostly boondock and freshen up our outdoor survival skills while we’re at it but I’m sure we’re going to want to settle down somewhere in a year or so.

  3. we are working out the challenges of making our RV park a prepper friendly home for like minded people.
    Some of the issues that have been brought up have already been addressed…
    Climate…no freeze, no 100 degrees…we are in the 45 to 80 degree range..
    The rules are being worked out easily…RV parks enjoy less rigid. Restrictions and have a lot of latitude in the rule making department.
    Also we are in a community of less than 1200 that tend to share more conservative views.
    Our park is on the Oregon coast fishing, hunting, foraging…all within a mile radius.
    Anyone interested in the projects progress, feel freeto email or call

  4. RV Parks is nothing new. its the best kept secret in the prep world. We have planned greatly for the rv park we operate.

    • I’ve been a fulltime RVr for years, prepping on social security is tough. Would you want to tell me more about this RV community?

    • I have been looking for any RV survival park located somewhere in the south. I have allot of knowledge to offer as well as quite a stock of things to bring.

      Would be very interested in knowing of any RV Survival parks in the southern states. Semper fi

  5. A better route would be to form a group or a church/non-profit could buy an RV Park (you’d be surprised how easy this is). Large amounts of $$$ from each would not be needed depending on the size of the downpayment. You continue to outsource the park management or members appoint a manager from the group and convert the number of RV lots to private lots for each family. Unsold lots you still seasonally rent like a regular RV business. Get a park with enough acreage for gardening and grain production. Install off-grid solar on the roof of the clubhouse. That way there’s enough power for meetings/movie night. Near national forests/BLM lands for hunting, and water source(s). You could pre-position preps with 24-7 security this way. Depending on how much your group wants to spend, you could buy an existing farm or ranch, or buy vacant land with no covenants and develop your own group RV “bug-out” location. Farms already have outbuildings that can shelter RV’s, or be used as emergency housing. Same criteria as good retreat land but less expensive, since costs are shared. Just make sure everyone in the group is on the same page to begin with and clear rules on how problems between members will be handled. Buying an RV lot makes sense if you don’t have deep pockets and a park setting where they know you is better than a state campground where everyone’s a stranger. This is also a better solution for people with special needs as RV parks must adhere to disability laws, making it easier on people in wheelchairs.

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