Best Protection Dog Breed? Dog Expert Reveals The Best Personal Protection Dog Breed reveals the best personal protection dog breed for you and your family.

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Any time you talk about dog breeds, two things become immediately apparent: First, everybody thinks they’re a dog expert. Apparently, owning a dog makes you an expert. And second: There is not one perfect dog breed despite what breed enthusiasts would have you believe. It all depends on what traits you’re looking for in a dog.

Keep in mind that a good dog is a good dog, it doesn’t matter what breed. I’ve owned three dog training companies and I’ve worked with a lot of different dogs. And I’ve owned quite a few dog, personally. The best dog I’ve ever owned was a mixed breed, so I’m definitely not a breed snob.

That being said: When a client would ask me to find them a dog with certain characteristics, I’d almost always look for a purebred dog that would meet their requirements, because there is predictability with purebred dogs. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a bet you can place with greater odds than choosing a mixed breed dog.

Front Door Security – Three Cheap Ways To Reinforce & Home Invasion-Proof Your Entry Door shows you three cheap and easy front door security tricks to reinforce your entry door and make it more difficult for a home invasion to happen. Get these three things:


Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade:

Safe Homes International 55724 Door Reinforcer — This one is probably better than the strike plate in the video:

MINTCRAFT HSH-004BN Security Strike– I believe this is the one I showed in the video

We suffered a home invasion while living in Costa Rica, despite having deadbolts and an iron front door and front patio gate. They pulled in hot and fast and drilled out the front door lock. Some of the devices in this video could have prevented (or at least slowed them down) if not altogether prevented them from getting in.

Fortunately, everything worked out okay and I didn’t have to kill anybody.


How To Shave With A Double Edge Razor and Save Hundreds Of Dollars A Year talks about the economics of using a double edge safety razor and how it can save you literally hundreds of dollars.

Here are a couple of razors I like:

Merkur 34c

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor (this one is a real steal!)

Derby Blades– cheap, but they work the best in my opinion:

Wiggy’s Jacket Liner – If You Like The M65 Jacket Liner, You’ll Probably…

This is a short review of the Wiggys Jacket Liner. Wiggy’s is an American company well-known for it’s sleeping bags and cold weather sleep systems.

If you like the M65 jacket liner, then you’ll probably like the Wiggy’s jacket liner even more. This liner is exceptional for the “One Bag” traveler, as it’s very light weight and adds virtually nothing to your bag weight, but will give you additional insulation beneath the jacket you’re wearing. For $35 (current discounted price at the time of publication) — it’s hard to go wrong. And you don’t have to worry about looking like a military wannabe if you get it in black. Fly low and avoid the radar!

An additional benefit to this liner is that the nylon shell does not attract dog hair, making it ideal for schlubbing around the house in.

Find it, here:

Military Surplus Fleece ECWCS Jacket Gen III: Should You Get One?

Surplus Gen III ECWS Polartec Fleece review for This is a surplus, original issue fleece that’s a pretty darn good buy for around $40. Although different from the Gen II military fleece in a few ways, it’s comparable to the Mountain Hardware Monkey Man Fleece in warmth and fit.

The medium size fits me perfectly, and I’m 6’2 and 170 lbs.