Sobert Gummer’s Most Important Prep

You might think I’m talking about a knife.  Or a firestarter.  Or maybe a good pair of boots. Nope.

Although all of those would be nice in certain circumstances– the best thing you’ll need to survive most SHTF scenarios is: a large network of good friends and family, scattered over a wide geographic area.

In almost any (realistic) circumstance that you can imagine, having a wide network of people you can depend on will be your best asset.

Imagine if you had a hundred brothers: Two in each state of the union.

Now imagine you’re homeless or suddenly out of job.  Do you think having a hundred brothers might make finding a job much easier?  Even if there are no jobs in your city… you can bet that at least one of your brothers in another part of the state, or in a neighboring state… or perhaps in a state on the other side of the country has a connection or a business or a friend who can give you a job.

What if your house got demolished by a hurricane?
Just go stay with one of your brothers.

A fire? No problem.  Again, just go stay with a brother.

And if one brother starts to get tired of you or his wife is a nag?  No problem… just go stay with a different brother.

“But Sobert… I don’t have a hundred brothers!”

Neither do I.

And that’s why networking is important.  Join groups.  Get involved with various hobbies and activities.  Don’t just hole up in your bunker, instead get out and travel and make friends.

Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to cement those friendships and make new friends.  Be a “doer” and a “joiner”.

Charleton Heston

Charleton Heston

Imagine the goodwill, support and relationships that Charlton Heston created during his lifetime– with both his career as a movie star and his activism with the National Rifle Association.  Is there any doubt that if Heston lost all of his money that he’d still have a place to stay and a job waiting for him the next Monday?  Heck, I’d probably make a job for him, myself.  Or offer him our guest room for as long as he needed.

Developing a strong social network with people (offline) and then staying in touch with them (including online) is one “prep” you can’t afford to go without.

Here’s Who I Buy Mylar Bags And O2 Absorbers From– And Here’s Why

I’ve placed a couple of orders with USA Emergency Supply for mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.  The first order I got lucky with.  I set them on a shelf and didn’t open them for probably a month.  The company sent me another batch of O2 absorbers with a note that basically said: “Our manufacturers mislabeled some of the batches we sent out.  We don’t think yours was affected but because we’re concerned about our reputation in the industry, we’re sending you another batch free.”  (This was before I had the blog, too.  So it wasn’t like they were trying to score points).


That’s how a business should be run.  Sure– it’d be nice if there wasn’t a mistake in the first place.  But stuff happens.  It’s how a business handles it that shows what they’re made of.  Now… if it happens again, I might begin to question their quality control.  But so far, so good!

I compared the prices to what a local “prepper store” was charging, before I purchased.

For a mylar bag to use with a five gallon bucket, USA Emergency is charging: $1.27 per bag.  (Plus shipping). prices for mylar bags at USA Emergency with the price my local prepper store was selling them for.

My local prepper store is charging: $2.50 per bag.

The Math


Oxygen absorbers came in a bag, and then the bag was wrapped in plastic.

Mylar bags: So, ten bags from USA Emergency at $1.27 = $12.70.+ shipping (which came to $4.99 but also included the O2 abosrbers)  = $17.69.

Compared to my local prepper store:
Ten bags at $2.50 = $25.00.  + tax = $26.81.

Oxygen Absorbers: Twenty 1000cc oxygen absorbers from USA Emergency came to: $9.47, bringing my grand total for both Mylar bags and O2 absorbers to: $27.16 (shipping included).

O2 absorbers from my local prepper store: Their web site isn’t showing the quantity but the highest cc they carry is 500 cc and their price is $9.95 (plus tax).  (I’ve been using 2000cc for each 5 gallon bucket… so you can see how much more expensive buying locally from a brick and mortar business is.  Or at least from this brick and mortar business!

Now, I like to support local businesses as much as the next guy.  But this fella’s markup was just ridiculous.  I understand he’s gotta pay for the brick and mortar storefront– but if your business model can’t offer the best price (and I’m not talking about competing with China) .. then maybe you need to re-evaluate your business model.

Ted Cruz — Finally A Senator Who Seems To “Get It!” When It Comes To The Gun Control Debate

A clear, eloquent explanation as to why gun control doesn’t work.  We’ll have to wait and see how Ted Cruz’s career progresses over the neck few years.  So far, so good.  He does have an impressive resume, although seemingly linked to the establishment quite a bit more than his Tea Party credentials would suggest at first glance.  He also talks like a politician — which may be an asset or a detriment, we’ll just have to see. Every time I get my hopes up about these guys, they reveal themselves to have no spine.  Time will tell.