Wood Trekker: Classic Backpacking Gear – Blankets


Along with the “canvas tarp”, the blanket is one of the most integral parts of the myth of the woodsman. While it is correct that for warm weather most woodsmen in the time period between 1880 and 1930 utilized wool blankets, the notion that they did so because such blankets are “the ideal” form of sleep system couldn’t be further from the truth. It is in this respect more than any other that most severely limits the modern woodsman when trying to do Classic Backpacking. All other modern materials and tools can be substituted with rough equivalents from the late 19th century, but when it comes to insulation, the choices are not as easy.


All of the authors I have read, covering the time period between…

you need a Plan B if something bad happens to Earth,” Bezos said

There are fundamental limits, Bezos said, and Earth is within a few hundred years of finding them. “Some people say, and I think it’s a reasonable point, that you need a Plan B if something bad happens to Earth,” Bezos said. “I look at this the opposite direction. We need space to make sure nothing bad happens to the Earth. “

What is a Comprehensive Wilderness Survival Kit and Why Should You Have One?

We all carry survival kits whether we realize it or not. The contents of a man’s pockets or those of a woman’s purse are nothing more than survival kits for a populated technological society. You have all the things you’ll likely need to fill your needs throughout your day. Keys, cash, identification, credit cards, membership cards and other items all serve to fill your needs as they arise. Luckily for us, most of our human needs are filled by technology and the remainder can be filled as you go with cash or credit.

Best Dog Breed For SHTF – Dogs For Preppers

In America, 100+ years ago, every farmhouse kept a feist. A feist was a general breed of dog, like a hound or a retriever, except that the feist was usually a smaller terrier type dog kept for hunting and varmint control. These dogs were very similar to the Jack Russell Terrier, the Rat Terrier, the Patterdale Terrier and the Fox Terrier. They kept them for a variety of reasons, but I’m sure you can imagine how having one or two of these little dogs could come in handy in a scenario where there is no trash pickup for several weeks and the rat and rodent situation becomes an issue. These little dogs were literally bred to hunt and kill rats and mice.

I lived in Latin America for a few years, in several different cities… in a few different countries. And I always found it interesting that most people had smaller dogs, rather than larger dogs. Big dogs, big problems; little dogs, little problems. There were some exceptions, but one evening… after talking with one of my neighbors, he remarked that the reason he kept 4-5 yippie little dogs was that they were cheap to keep, they didn’t eat much, and there was no way somebody could get onto his property without these dogs alerting. They’re fast, and it would be difficult for a burglar to kick one… let alone all of them… without waking up the man of the house.

I did an hour+ podcast with Jack Spirko at the Survival Podcast where we talked in-depth about my thought about Dogs For Preppers. I also put together a short book you can download off Amazon if you have a kindle reader… it runs about $3 bucks, if you’d like to learn more.

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But for my money– a little Jack Russell Terrier type dog or a rat terrier would be the best breed for when the shit hits the fan. Not only for the above reasons, but if it’s necessary to bug out and stay with family or in a hotel… or even if you need to leave the dog at a boarding facility or rent a small apartment termporarily– many times you can get away with a 30lbs or smaller dog in places you can’t with a 150 lb. Rottweiler.

So, while it’s very much a personal opinion– As a professional dog man for over 25 years, I’d go with a feist.