Living on $5,000 a year, on purpose

Here’s an interesting article about a guy living on $5,000 a year… supposedly.  You have to question anybody who “winters in Hawaii.”  LOL.

Meet America’s Intentional Poor…

More than two decades ago, then-33-year-old Dan Price had a wife, two small children, a high-interest mortgage, and a stressful job as a photojournalist in Kentucky. He worried daily about money and the workaday grind.

“I told myself, ‘buck up and pay the bills,'” said Price. “This is just the way normal life is.”

Then he learned about what he calls “the simple life.” Price read “Payne Hollow,” a 1974 book about author Harlan Hubbard’s rejection of modernity and his primitive home on the shore of the Ohio River

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