He Quit His Job To Live In A Tent And Write Code

I really wish we could check in and see where this guy is in a few  of months.   My guess is that he’ll either be living with friends/family or renting a small apartment when the novelty of shitting in a hole and showering in a cold river wears off.  Especially when winter starts to roll in.

Outdoor living is not so easy.  Sure, camping is fun.  Even primitive camping… for a couple of days or a week at the most.  But coming home to find a rattlesnake in your tent kills the joy of outdoor living… real… quickly.

From the article:

“I recently quit my job and my apartment to live in the forest in a tent.

Actually, tonight, I’m in a wind shelter by a still and beautiful lake, and in front of me there is a small fire; the sun is setting.
And on my lap, my laptop.

I’m a developer. I moved to a tent in the forest to be able to code on my startup project full time.
Not only does that give me the time to do this but it also gives me peace of mind.
I change my location about two times per week.”

Read the rest of the article, here:


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