Global Sun Oven Works Even On Cold Days

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When I was looking into buying a solar oven, there were basically two options: This one and the SOS Sport Solar oven.  The SOS was a bit less expensive, but it also looked like it might be less durable, and I wanted something that was built for the long haul.  I’m glad I bought the Global Sun Oven instead because not only is it built really well, it’s built intelligently, too.  When you pull it out of the box, to set up the solar reflectors, you just open it up and it unfolds into place.  I was impressed with how easy it is to set up.

The other cool thing about the Global Sun Oven is that it works well enough that you can even use it on cold days.  See the video below where the woman is using it to cook in 22 degree weather.  I personally haven’t tried it on a day that cold, yet.


Sun Oven GLOBAL SUN OVEN Rating:
List Price: $299.50
Sale Price: $238.48
(as of 03/08/2013 03:23 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

The Global Sun Oven® is the world's most widely used solar oven. Solar cooking has been around for centuries, but up to now, not many people have had the opportunity to try cooking with the sun. Using the most advanced materials, the Sun Oven takes all the hassles out of solar cooking to create the ultimate solar appliance. The sun oven can be used in the winter as well as summer. It has been used very successfully at below zero conditions at a base camp on Mt. Everest. Measures 19" x 19" with an average depth of 11". The total weight is only 21 pounds. You can bake bread, make cookies, pizza, muffins, or anything you could prepare using a conventional oven. The Global Sun Oven® lets you harness the power of the sun to cook without fuel and is currently being used in over 126 countries around the world. Sundance Solar is proud to carry this high quality solar appliance that is designed to last a lifetime.


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