Which Came First: The Chicken Or The Powdered Egg?

When I first met my wife in Costa Rica, she was living on a piece of property that had chickens running loose.  I thought I had won the lottery. It turned out that the chickens belonged to a Nicaraguan woman who lived in the house behind her’s.  Well, I still feel like I won the lottery with my wife, but unfortunately she doesn’t know a thing about raising chickens.

We don’t currently have chickens.  We have the space for chickens and most likely at some point in the near future we’ll start raising chickens.  But at this point in time, we still like to travel and we haven’t yet been in our current location long enough to have built up a network of friends and neighbors that we would trust enough to come over and take care of the chickens.  (We’re working on that!)

So for now storing powdered eggs makes the most sense.  The powdered eggs I’m now storing are the OvaEasy powdered eggs.

Initially I got online and ordered a case of the Thrive Scrambled Eggs: Six #10 cans for about $230.  I wish I hadn’t, but not because they aren’t a good product: I’ve tried them and they’re excellent.  But the benefit that the OvaEasy eggs have over the Thrive Scrambled Eggs is that the OvaEasy eggs come in individually sealed packages inside the #10 cans.  

I like that.  It means I have redundancy.  It also means that I can open up one package at a time and not have to worry about the other five packages going bad if I don’t finish them in time, for some reason.  The OvaEasy eggs are also cheaper.  If you have Amazon Prime (free shipping) you’ll pay about $50 less than if you order the Thrive Scrambled Eggs.

In all honesty, I need to incorporate more protein in my food stores.  My problem is that I am allergic to MSG (mono-sodium-glutamate).  I get terrible migraines fro mthe stuff.  Unfortunately, it is a food preservative they put in canned meat, beef jerkey


Easy To Cook And They Taste:  Meh…  “Just Okay”

 The OvaEasy eggs are easy to cook.  Each package comes with it’s own scoop.   You mix it by adding two scoops of OvaEasy for every three “scoops” of water.  Once you mix them, they look just like regular eggs and fry up like regular eggs, too.

As for taste?  They taste good, albeit a little bland.  More like egg whites than full eggs.  I’ve read that if you mix these with regular milk instead of water, they taste much better.  I haven’t tried that yet, but once I do I’ll add my impressions to the end of this article.

I’m not slamming the OvaEasy eggs, though.  This is truly a great product and I’ll be ordering more.  I think if you add some salt, pepper and maybe a little salsa you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and real eggs.    ** Actually, these are real eggs, they’ve just had the moisture evaporated from them.

Do I recommend the OvaEasy eggs: Absolutely.  They make an excellent supplement to your food storage and add much needed protein.  With a side of corn bread, my test plate was clean in a matter of minutes if not seconds.



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