Picked Up A Couple Of 25 Pound Bags Of Red Wheat At Walmart Today

I needed to pickup a few things from Walmart and anytime I’m out I make a point of buying something for long term food storage.  Or ammo, if they have it.

For you newbies, take note: The best way to stock your pantry is to buy a little extra every time you go shopping.  It’s a much more reasonable approach to stocking your pantry for hard times, rather than expecting your going to go out and buy everything you need in one fantastical shopping trip.

But I digress.

Walmart didn’t have any of the ammo I was looking for (you can never have enough .22lr).  But they did have two 25 pound bags of hard red wheat.  They were the last two bags in the entire store, so either there’s been a run on hard red wheat or there just aren’t that many of us who buy whole wheat anymore.

So I snagged the last two bags.

  1. What part of the store do you find the wheat in? I’m pretty sure my local walmart doesn’t carry it but I’d like to make sure.

  2. I’m going to double check the six or seven Walmart stores around where I live because I don’t ever remember seeing any red wheat. I’m not saying you’re bs’ing us, but I will say that it’s a shame that the Walmarts around where I live don’t carry this stuff. I have plenty of rice but not enough non-rice grain and I just don’t find dry non-rice whole kernel grain anywhere other than GFS and then it’s limited to barley.

    I love going in every paycheck and clearing a GFS of all their 1 lb bags of barley. Usually I can get 15 to 25 lbs of it and it’s about a dollar a lb which isn’t cheap, but it’s not expensive either.

  3. Star: Do you see that picture at the top of the post? I took that picture at Walmart. It’s not a stock photo.

    As for Walmarts in general: They may or may not stock it in your area. When we were looking for a community to settle down in, one of the places we looked at was Cedar City, Utah. Their Walmart was a preppers paradise. They actually had 5 gallon buckets and gamma lids displayed on the end cap and middle of aisle displays. LOL. We didn’t end up buying a house in Utah, and our Walmart is nowhere near as prepper oriented as theirs.

    I don’t know what GFS is, but if you have a Winco, you might try there. Although just like the Walmarts, some are more prepper oriented than others. The one in Boise had a lot of stuff I haven’t seen at other Wincos.

    You can also call up your local Mormon storehouse. It’s more hassle than buying something off the shelf, but the prices are far better.

  4. I apologize for coming off crude and impugning your honor. I don’t use the best wordage and I’ve got to remember that plain text translates zero emotion. I believe you.

    I lived in Utah for six years and I miss it something awful. One of my coworkers and I have plans to use the LDS storehouse that’s local to us to use to acquire food storage.

    I know there is a Walmart about 2+ hours north of where I live that sells firearms, and I bet they have whole grain in stock considering the rural community it’s in. What’s available at the Walmart stores here in the Detroit-Metro area is sad… and sadly lacking in options, although for basic items for my kits they’ve proven super useful because Walmart is cheap. I wonder if there is a correlation outside of the west(but not coastal) states where if the Walmart sells firearms, they usually carry bulk packages of grain. This might be something to see if it proves true as a sign of what’s available.

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