Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife

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This knife is a massive hunka-hunka steel. You could almost use it as a pry bar, it’s that thick. Read my article on how it compares to the Becker.

Most telling review: “This knife is a beast! All you have to do is hold it in your hand and you know this is not something you have to worry about breaking. With a minimum amount of care this hunk of steel should out live me.

I’ve owned my knife for about a year and find myself pricing it on Amazon while considering it as a gift for a family member. I have put this blade through the paces time and time again. I’ve pried with it, I’ve dug with it, I’ve cut sod with it, I’ve cut cord with it, I’ve tapped nails back in with it, I’ve batoned logs, I’ve split kindling, I’ve done rough carving with it, I’ve even made box forts in the living room with it – this knife does it all! Obviously there are tasks other blades would be more suited for but the best knife for the job is often the one you have handy and this a good all purpose knife.

I continue to be very happy with the kydex sheath. Curiosity about the kydex sheath was one of the reasons I purchased the knife – I’ve always been a leather kinda guy when it comes to sheaths. The sheath has far exceeded my expectations. Many miles later it still snaps firmly into place and holds strong. I prefer the top of a knife to hang even with my belt or below and the screws give you the option to raise or lower the knife in relation to the belt loop which is a nice little bonus. Another bonus is the snap and velcro in the belt loop allowing you to remove the sheath from your belt w/o having to unfasten your belt – not a feature I would have shopped for but more handy that I would have thought.

Over time the black coating on the blade has worn through in places but after the hard use that I have put on the blade it would be unreasonable to expect it to stay intact. The blade holds an edge fairly well through hard use but leaves a little to be desired in this area. However to be fair I would not be treating the edge this way if I expected it to be a fine detail blade.

In summary this is a great knife for the money and I would buy it again in a second if I lost mine.”

Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath

Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath Rating:
List Price: $36.99
Sale Price: $22.95
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Product Description

As its name suggests, our G.I. Tanto is a no-nonsense tactical knife that comes with a legion of practical uses. It may be lean and spare, but it delivers the goods where they count the most! The broad Tanto point blade, integral quillon guard, and Polypropylene handle scales, exemplify a tactical knife stripped down to its bare essentials. It's ground razor sharp out of 1055 carbon steel with a hard spring temper and protected by a black, rust resistant finish so it's ready to take all the abuse you and Mother Nature can dish out. Heavy, sharp and wonderfully balanced, it's easy to throw by either the blade or handle and it hits with real vigor. In a survival or self-defense situation, it can be quickly and easily converted into a spear or war club. Just remove the handle scales and lash the blade securely to a suitable wooden shaft! Best of all, it's a great value. Please don't throw away hundreds and hundreds of dollars on similar knives sold by convicted felons and rip off artists posing as elite "military operators". Get the real G.I. Tanto from Cold Steel and get more than your money's worth.


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