Front Door Security – Three Cheap Ways To Reinforce & Home Invasion-Proof Your Entry Door shows you three cheap and easy front door security tricks to reinforce your entry door and make it more difficult for a home invasion to happen. Get these three things:


Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade:

Safe Homes International 55724 Door Reinforcer — This one is probably better than the strike plate in the video:

MINTCRAFT HSH-004BN Security Strike– I believe this is the one I showed in the video

We suffered a home invasion while living in Costa Rica, despite having deadbolts and an iron front door and front patio gate. They pulled in hot and fast and drilled out the front door lock. Some of the devices in this video could have prevented (or at least slowed them down) if not altogether prevented them from getting in.

Fortunately, everything worked out okay and I didn’t have to kill anybody.


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