Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

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This is kind of a cool idea: You put this thing behind a curtain and if somebody is looking at your window from the outside, it gives the appearance of a computer monitor being on, as if somebody is working at the computer. It’s a plugin unit the size of a coffee cup and it uses less electricity than a real monitor. Combine it with a cheap AM radio left on a talk radio channel and a would-be thief ** might ** be fooled. It would also help if you left a couple of Rottweilers in the house, too.

FakeTV FTV-10 Burglar Deterrent

FakeTV FTV-10 Burglar Deterrent Rating:
List Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $24.95
(as of 03/19/2013 03:49 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description

FakeTV is an effective burglar deterrent because it simulates the light output of an operating television. Viewed from outside after dusk, FakeTV makes it look like you are enjoying your favorite programs, rather than out for the evening. Most burglars would rather not break into a house they think is occupied. FakeTV uses 12 super-bright, computer-controlled LEDs to make constantly changing light effects, such as scene changes, motion, fades, color-shifts, and swells. Recommended by numerous police departments and neighborhood watch groups. A built-in light sensor turns the unit on at dusk, and it can be set for 4 hour, 7 hour, or constant on operation. Includes AC adapter.


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