What Guns Do You Love To Take To The Range?

My friends Skeet, Pierce, Juan-Carlos and I were sitting around the fireplace enjoying an after dinner drink while the ladykind were in the kitchen making tea.  The question came up, “What guns do you love to take to the range?”

I’m a simple man, so for me the Glock 19 is the one gun I always take to the range.  It’s the one I’ve spent the most time taking tactical training classes with, so– not surprisingly– it’s the one I feel most comfortable with.  It’s also the gun I carry when I’m not packing the Ruger LCP.  So, any trip to the range necessitates bringing one of the Glock 19’s, from a purely “skill maintenance” perspective.

But the gun I have the most fun with at the range is the Ruger 10/22.  Good to about 100 yards and with only the cheapie 3-9X40 scope that it came with, not only is it a proverbial “tack driver” but it also has virtually no recoil and is cheap, cheap, cheap to shoot.  (Although not nearly as cheap as it used to be!)

My friend Skeet has a pearl handled .45 Springfield 1911.  Something about it being like the gun Samuel Jackson had in Pulp Fiction.  Whatever.

Juan-Carlos, the Costa Rican, still likes his Heckler and Koch USP in 9mm and brings it every time we go to the range, I suspect because the H&K’s are so darn popular back in his home country.  Pierce on the other hand won’t leave the house for the range if he can’t bring his Colt Grizzly, a .357 Magnum with a Python barrel matched with Colt King Cobra frame.  I can’t blame him.

What guns do you love to bring to the range?  Leave your comments, below…

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