Guns For Preppers

My latest book, “Guns For Preppers” is now available for your Kindle (or Kindle app on Ipad).

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A valuable guide for the absolute beginner covering the five guns every prepper must own to survive hard times. Written by the author of the best-selling book, “Dogs For Preppers” and the voice behind the Sobert Gummer “Survival Prepping For Hard Times” blog.

Topics include:

• Do You Really Need A Gun?
• The Gun As A Tool
• “What If I Want To Buy Just One Gun?”
• The Five Guns Every Prepper Must Own
• What If You Need To “Bug Out” With Your Guns?
• Survival Fantasy Vs. Survival Reality
• Why You’ll Need A Pocket Pistol
• Stopping Power
• Resources: Everything You Need!

Sleep Well Knowing You Can Protect Your Family

Guns For PreppersThis 33-page booklet provides the ultimate beginner’s guide to the five guns every prepper must own whether they live in a city, a suburb or out in the country. You can pay $10-$30 for a longer book containing lots of filler material you don’t need. Are you really going to become a gunsmith, collect an arsenal, or join a high speed/low drag tactical team? Stick to the essentials and pay a lot less.

These Are The Guns You Need To Survive Hard Times

At a bare minimum, I’ve boiled down five types of guns that every prepper should own.

“Five different types of guns?” you’re asking yourself? “Surely I don’t need five different types of guns.”

Yes, you do. Five different types of guns. Since two is one, and one is none– each of these five types of guns will in some way overlap in their main use. Later you may choose to “double up” on each type of gun.

In addition to my own experience living in some of the most dangerous places in the world, I’ve consulted with gun experts from a variety of backgrounds and put together what I feel is the best short treatise on what firearms you will need to cover all bases in a SHTF scenario.

Includes Free Resources Section

Includes a brief resources section with organized links to additional information available for free online, including more information on guns and gun laws. Get access to all the resources and support you will ever need to help you easily acquire the guns you need and learn how to use them in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. Get started today and sleep better knowing you’ve got the knowledge to go out and buy the guns you need to protect your family and survive any hardship! (33-page booklet with 11,000+ words)

If you’re looking for an introductory guide to guns for preppers, this is the one!


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