An iPhone Case That’s Also A Stun Gun? No Thanks.

File this one under: False sense of security.  One of my readers sent me a link to this story:

If the link above still works, you’ll notice that the article starts with:

“Former Army soldier Seth Froom vividly recalls when he was robbed at gunpoint in his own house in 2011. With his face to the floor and an iPhone in his hand, he watched helplessly as his home was ransacked.”

“I kept thinking what I could have done to stop this,” said Froom. Two years after that traumatic event, Froom and his college buddy Sean Simone had invented a solution that has the potential to make millions — an iPhone case that doubles as a 650,000-volt stun gun.

Later in the article it states: “Touch the device to someone and it can deliver a shock that causes significant discomfort, ranging from mild to extreme pain, Simone said.”

In the video attached to the article (the one where CNN’s Don Lemon is screaming, “These need to be regulated! I’m not comfortable with just anybody being able to get these!” — they say the stun feels like a bee sting.

So, just to recap:

  • A professional soldier suffers a home invasion where a man holds a gun to his head… and the best solution he can come up with is… an iPhone case that causes a shock that feels like a bee sting?  Mmmmkay…  Might I suggest: Buying a gun and moving to a better neighborhood? Or at the least, get a Night Lock for your door and a big dog?
  • Stun guns are already legal in 40 states.  Good ones, the ones that deliver strong, painful shocks.  And Don Lemmon is worried that this thing is going to be a problem?  Why, because the kind of people who would run around shocking other people can’t walk into any Harbor Freight and buy a stun gun to do that, now?  Oh… my… god… what will we elites do once the unwashed masses have a way to run around and shoot each other… with iPhone cases that produce mild discomfort??

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