Grow More Food With 50% – 80% Less Water

These two kids over at have the right idea: It looks like they took a page from the “EarthBox” self-watering container concept and applied it to the 5 gallon DIY bucket planter — then added the trash bag plastic as a mulch of sorts to prevent evaporation.


They call it a “Global Bucket.”  Yeah, a little too hippie for me too.


When I was their age I was busy trying to figure out how to play strip poker on my TRS-80.  At least they’re doing something productive.

From their web site:

“Is it possible two cheap plastic buckets can help reduce global malnutrition?

Sounds crazy, but there’s some amazing technology that can be created by combining two cheap 5-gallon buckets along with some other low cost or free materials. The result is a low cost foolproof system of growing food.

Benefits of the 2-bucket system:

1) 50% to 80% reduction in water usage.

2) 100% reduction in weeds…never pull a weed or use herbicides.

3) Once planted, very little attention is required.
4) Foolproof: People with very little training (like us!) can reap bountiful harvests.
5) All you need are a few square meters of space…even rooftops, industrial wastelands, etc”

They’ve also got an automatic watering system device they’ve created– that I’ll need to look at in more detail later to figure out how it works.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to hassle with running around to build your own buckets (or you’ve got a wife like mine who doesn’t want to look at orange Home Depot buckets in her backyard!) then take a look at the “Growbox”: It’s an improvement over the Earthbox and it’s less expensive.

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