A Review Of Marjorie Wildcraft’s “Grow Your Own Groceries” DVD

Marjorie Wildcraft’s “Grow Your Own Groceries” DVD is exceptional, at least for someone like me who didn’t grow up on a farm. One thing to note: Her video  isn’t so much an instructional DVD (although there are a few things she does show, like how to butcher a rabbit, for example) … but it’s more on a conceptual level in that she takes you for a walk through her property and you get to see how all of the various elements on her property fit together to create a closed system.

Grow Your Own Groceries Shows A Complete System Where One Element Of Your Backyard Food Production System Fits Into The Next

For example: The rain water irrigates the plants. The plants feed the animals. The animals make the compost which then feeds the plants. The dogs guard the chickens and rabbits from predators and in exchange get to eat the rabbit entrails and chicken feet after butchering. Etc…

Grow Your Own Groceries

Random picture of man butchering a chicken, included for effect (not from dvd)

Anyway, I mentioned that I’d bought this DVD in this post and I must say that I found it all pretty interesting, but I think it would have been better if she had shown the same principles being applied on a 1/4 acre lot instead of her 3 acre lot.  Some of the reviews I’d read on Amazon suggest that she doesn’t go into enough detail about certain subjects.  I disagree.  This is an introductory DVD designed for the person just getting set up.  (By the way: Marjorie points out that it can take up to ten years to really get completely off grid and producing most of your own food.  And to be at her level, I’d probably agree– although I do think you can get a big jump start within just a year or two if you’re committed).

“Grow Your Own Groceries” Is A Big Picture Approach To Becoming More Self Sufficient

If you’re looking for ideas on “how it all fits together” then this is the DVD for you.  She also includes a huge assortment of e-documents and articles for more in depth information on each system.  For $50, Marjorie Wildcraft’s “Grow Your Own Groceries” DVD definitely worth buying.

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