A Quick Tip On Planting Raised Bed Gardens

Last year we put in two 4×4 raised bed gardens and grew veggies.  They did so well that we didn’t buy any produce from the market from April to September or so.  Toward the end of the season, I put in a third raised bed (my wife wanted to grow spices).  And I bought a fourth bed when I was at the nursery a few weeks ago and got a killer discount.

Sure, you can build your own beds.  The first two I built myself.  But the kits are quick and easy with not hassle to put together, and the price ends up being about the same as buying the lumber and screws from Lowes.

So, what’s the tip?

vegetable gardenLast season I found that wild rabbits were getting into the yard and eating my veggies.  I started covering them with a shade cloth.  The byproduct of covering the veggies with a shade cloth was that they began growing 2-3X faster.  Yeah, we get a lot of sun.  Probably too much, and by using the shade cloth it made it more tolerable for the plants to grow.  I also think that they “respirate” and by having the plants covered it creates a micro-system that stays more humid than the uncovered area (high desert).

But wait… that’s not the tip!

Apparently, if I had built beds that were two feet high, just the height alone will keep most of the critters out.  (I saw a sneaky marmot bravely climb under the shade cloth and get into the garden for a bit of late morning salad).  So, in the future, I’ll get taller beds and put river rocks in the bottom (for drainage) covered by soil.

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