Which Survival Knife Is Better: The Ka-Bar Becker Or The Cold Steel GI Tanto?

If you’re looking for a good all-around survival knife that you can throw in your bug out bag, take on a camping trip or leave in the back of your Jeep, you could do far worse than the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife.

It’s a high quality, well balanced knife.  I actually like it better than my $26 Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife (which feels more like a pry bar than a knife, although $35 less expensive) whereas the Becker, due to it’s shape, allows for more finesse and control.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife.

The Becker is a nice knife.  It feels good in the hand and is well balanced.  This knife has been called a poor man’s alternative to the Tom Brown Tracker knife (which costs $260+).  I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, as the Tracker has a fairly unique design and the Becker BK2 is more of a traditional all-purpose survival knife design that many knife makers copy.  I have a Condor sitting in my desk that looks almost identical to it.  Unfortunately, the sheath that came with the Condor doesn’t even appear to be for the right knife, but I digress.  Get me talking about knives and I can go on, forever.

Cold Steel GI Tanto

Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife

As for my comparison to the Cold Steel GI Tanto Knife: To be perfectly honest, I keep the Cold Steel knife in my truck bag, as I figure it’s unlikely I’ll ever actually need it, and for the price I won’t cry if it ever gets stolen.  Don’t get me wrong: It’s a decent knife, but for the extra $35 dollars the Becker is a more refined tool whereas the Cold Steel is more crude.  I keep the Becker with me if I’m out in the yard or on a camping trip where I might need a knife.

They’re both popular knives: The Becker has 462 four and five-star reviews at Amazon, whereas the Cold Steel GI Tanto has 233 out of 248.  (Take any of the Amazon knife reviews with a grain of salt, as half are from kids and the other half from mall ninjas who’ve never actually used the knife outside of chopping carrots).

I looked at prices on a few different sites for the Becker and they seem to sell in the $75 dollar range.  Amazon’s actually got it on sale right now for $59.99, which– if you were already considering buying one of these knives, is a price I would jump all over because as inflation begins to take hold I wouldn’t be surprised if these same knives will be selling in the $90-$130 range soon.

In sum: Either of these knives are worth the money, although I’d be more inclined to buy another Becker before I would buy another GI Tanto unless I was on a tight budget and had six teenage kids and I wanted each kid to have a decent knife rather than a cheapie piece of junk– which the Cold Steel is definitely not.  So, if tight on coin, go for the Cold Steel.  If you’ve got a little more to spend then the Becker is an all around better knife.

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  1. I’ve got 2 BK-2s. Nothing wrong with the first one, I just wanted a spare one in the truck.

    It took a lot to get me to take the old Kabar off my belt, but there’s precious little I’d want to do with a knife the Becker won’t do, and do well.

    The only thing that kept it from being 100% perfect out of the box was the lack of a paracord wrist thong, which I remedied in short order. I’ve taken then thing out beyond the black stump, chopped and cut all manner of stuff, and never had a quibble or complaint about how well it works and holds up. After a year with it, I bought the second one. And it’s bigger brother.

    Nothing against Cold Steel, I toted an SRK around on ALICE and MOLLE gear for years too, been there, and got the T-shirt.

    But when you grow up, and realize you’re more likely to need traps, snares, and firewood than slitting throats, a solid beefy knife like the BK-2 gains a lot of appeal.

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