NATO Jerry Cans On Sale

“Get away from those cans!” — Steven Martin, The Jerk.

These NATO jerry cans are hard to find.  Especially the good ones (in contrast to the Made in China knock-offs).  I’ve got two of these I bought a few years ago.  They’re excellent.  I plan on buying at least three more while this sale is going and will probably buy more later in the year, depending upon availability.

One of the things you’ll notice if you study disaster scenarios like I do is that gasoline containers are one of the first things to go.  Even the cheapie red ones you can buy from most auto stores– that are anywhere from “so-so” to “leaky like a sieve” cannot be found during a disaster scenario.  (Maybe stock up on the cheap ones, for barter?)


Although these NATO cans have to legally say, ‘Note: Federal law prohibits the use of this container for the storage of fuel” because of CARB regulations, they are manufactured to the same specs as NATO fuel cans, with the same materials I’m told.

I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with the two I have.

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