Got Four Nato Gas Cans– But Can’t Get One To Close!

I ordered four Nato gas cans that arrived last night. These are the heavy duty metal cans that look like they’re built to withstand the apocalypse.

Unfortunately, only three of the four will close correctly. With the fourth one the top comes down flush (first photo below) whereas it needs to overshoot the opening in order to close properly. And no amount of force or wiggle seems to make a difference.


I called the company I ordered them from (Atlantic British). Very friendly customer service. He asked that I send them a picture and tomorrow morning he would ask some of the other guys in the shop and if nobody knew what to do, they’ll send me another one. Can’t really ask for more than that.

Here’s a picture of one of the other ones that DOES work correctly. Notice how the top (correctly) overshoots the edge of the lip.



That being said, the Scepter tops are so much easier to work with. I’d recommend going with one of those in the future.

Update: One of my buddies noticed that the top looks like it’s a little warped and suggested that I use a plyers to bend it out enough so that it would close.  I decided to wait to hear back from Atlantic British before doing anything to it, and they insisted they send me a new one, with a shipping label so that I could send the faulty one back on their dime.  I offered to try fixing it with the plyers, but they told me the replacement was already in route.  That’s excellent customer service, in my book!  I’ll still probably go with the Scepter cans in the future, as the tops are easier to deal with.

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