An EMP-Proof Gun Safe With An Electric Lock?

I was sitting on the can flipping through the latest issue of National Rifleman magazine when I came across an ad for an EMP-proof gun safe… with an electric lock.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that Cannon Safes is making this safe with a backup dial system.  From their web site:

“One of the more arcane threats to anything electronic or electrical is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by nuclear detonation, or by certain non-nuclear events. In addition, floods, storm surges and other natural threats can disable an electronic locking device.”

“The formidable Commander series, the trademark Cannon Series and the massive Armory Series safes will be equipped with Cannon’s new EMP Dual-Access Lock that provides a manual combination lock as backup to the electronic lock. Threat met, threat neutralized. Another reason Cannon’s Commander, Cannon and Armory Series offer you and your valuables the ultimate in security, access and preparedness.

Shop today Cannon’s EMP Lock for the Commander SeriesCannon Series and Armory Series.”

Seems kinda gimmicky to me.  If you’re that concerned about an EMP (I am!) then why not just buy a safe with a regular dial/manual lock in the first place?  I’ve never understood the attraction of a keypad safe, anyway.  Once you get the hang of how to open a dial/manual lock it’s not as if it takes you a long time to get into the safe.  Perhaps an extra 10-20 seconds?

Now, if the safe manufacturer positioned it as not only EMP-proof but also a faraday cage… I’d hand them bonus points.

  1. Agreed on the faraday cage. I bought my electronic opening safe before EMP came to my attention. As a former EE, I can say with confidence that the circuitry on the lock could be hardened with little cost, as there are no antennas to catch the Ex waves. The money saved could go to the faraday cage gasket. No external power plug for lights could be used, but in this day of good LED lighting and rechargeable lithium batteries that’s hardly an issue.

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