Expat Prepper Diary Entry: I Hear Gunshots

I found this note on my hard drive tonight.  It’s something I wrote for my journal from back when I was living in Costa Rica, in Escazu… considered “the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica”.  Can you imagine this (below) happening in Beverly Hills on a regular basis?

“A guy can’t even take a nap in this country without something crazy going on!

6:21 pm. About 20 minutes ago I’m lying in bed and hear what I think is a gun shot.  Sounds like it’s coming from one of the houses next door.

Can’t be.  Probably just a car backfire, right?

Lie back down and listen.  BANG!  Another one.

Okay, that was definitely a gun shot.  WTF?  And this is supposed to be the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica?

I wait about 10 minutes and peak down to the guard tower.  Guard is tranquilo (or dead?) but if he’s alive, he seems to be in one piece.

I go down with my trusty Maglite.  It’s all I’ve got since getting a gun in this country requires jumping through all kinds of hoops I haven’t figured out how to maneuver.  Going down there with a machete would seem cavalier.

Can’t completely understand his Spanish (Nicaraguan dialect) but as best I could tell, shots WERE fired but they were not in our complex but in the complex to the South.  The IOHOTA (the Federal Police) were searching for a guy or something, and my Spanish isn’t quite good enough to tell who shot who.

Man… I love this s**t!  (seriously).   I thought moving to Texas would be fun, but this is a real adventure.  (Sarcasm)

Finally got a working diesel land cruiser yesterday and a native girlfriend. Now I gotta work on getting a gun.  (Or two!)

Lovin’ it here– can’t wait to get shot.  (More sarcasm). ”

When I wrote this, I was still in that intellectual space between the picture the “Escape America” websites paint for you vs. the stark reality of living in a third world country.

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