You Can’t Eat Gold?

Only in Mad Max/The Road fantasies of TEOTWAWKI  (The End Of The World As We Know It) is gold worthless. In the real world, gold has always retained value. It may not always be convertible in an overnight scenario, but certainly in a matter of months if not weeks gold has historically been looked at as money. In contrast, barter economies only last for a short period of time (after a collapse) … before a substitute currency is declared.

              • Jews who had gold while fleeing the Nazis found it to be a lifesaver.
              • Vietnamese who came to America to start a new life sold everything they owned before leaving their home country and converted it to gold, which they later used to start a new life.
              • Argentinians who had gold after their currency crisis avoided losing their life savings.

In fact, pretty much the only entity who thinks that gold is an outdated relic is the U.S. Government… yet invest millions in protecting their gold at Fort Knox.

True, you can’t eat gold. But no matter what situation you may find yourself in, it won’t be long before you can trade that gold for pretty much whatever you want.  Sobert Gummer advises: Own some gold.

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