Survival Podcast Question For Jack Spirko: A Small Business To Survive The Next Great Depression?

I just left this question on Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast voice mail.  Hopefully it makes it onto the show, soon, as it’s a subject I’ve been researching for the past couple of years and Jack usually has some really interesting ideas about this kind of stuff:

“Hi, Jack:

What small business would you start now that would continue to provide a good quality of life in the event we experience a Great Depression 2.0?

I know that you believe we will probably experience a boom before another bust… so if we have another 5 to 10 years to prepare, what are some good ideas for Depression-resistant small businesses that an internet geek like me (with no mechanical skills or handyman abilities) could start… that would get me through to the other side of the next Great Depression?

If you do a search on Google on this subject, you typically come up with a lot of conjecture and speculation– stuff that didn’t even hold up very well when the economy fell apart in 2008.

So, I’m really looking for some real-world ideas, and I know you’re the guy to go to about that.



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