How a Family of Four Manages to Live Well on Just $14,000 Per Year

I saw this article on Yahoo! Finance yesterday about a family of four who live on just $14,000 per year — in Henderson, Nevada, my old stomping grounds.

They’re doing a lot right, in my opinion: Namely, staying out of debt, living beneath their means, creating a budget and making other smart financial decisions.  Their lifestyle would be looked upon as fairly normal prior to the 1950’s and before the wide spread use of the credit card.  Those of you in the homesteader movement will recognize much of what she’s doing.

Some highlights from the article referencing the wife, who runs her own blog:

  • She stopped eating out and learned how to cook.
  • Everything in the home is either hand-sewn and or made from scratch.
  • The family swapped cable for Netflix and Hulu.
  • She goes to the grocery store once per month, pays cash, and never goes over budget.
  • They are a cash-only household but keep a credit card for emergencies.
  • They fill up their tanks once per month and combine errands as much as possible.
  • They paid for both of their cars in cash and have no car payments.
  • She skips all kiddie snacks in favor of healthier, cheaper DIY options.
  • If she can freeze food, she will.
  • She uses a food co-op to save on fresh produce.
  • They took advantage of Nevada’s declining housing market to score a cheap foreclosure.

From the article:

“My husband told me he’d heard about this book, [America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money],” she said. “We talked about it over the phone and I read it and thought how it could apply to us.”

Read the entire article, here:–14-000-per-year-174803218.html

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