Budgeting for a Lifestyle Contraction

Here’s a pretty good article I stumbled upon by Gary North on budgeting for a lifestyle contraction.  Yes, it’s the same Gary North who was one of the main proponents behind the Y2K alert/scare.  He has his own membership site that I belonged to a few years ago.  It had some interesting ideas in it.  He is a good writer and he is fantastic at writing headlines that make you want to read his articles.  The discussion forum was a weak point: After you’ve read through most of his articles, you’ll want to visit his discussion forum.  The problem is: He rarely posts to the discussion forum, and when he does it’s usually just to link to one of his previously written articles.  Or else he gives a one-line answer.

Some of his ideas are goofy.  Many are infused with Old Time Religion.

I remember one of his recession proof business ideas was to start a day care center/private school for children.

Uh, yeah… right.  No gracias.  I don’t think I could come up with a more liability-prone business model if I tried.  (Maybe coal mining?)

He does, however, have some very good ideas about living beneath your means, keeping things in perspective and having the good life without competing with your neighbors.

He writes frequently for LewRockwell.com, an online libertarian hub as well as for a couple of his own sites and one of Ron Paul’s sites, too.

Anyway… here’s the article on budgeting for a lifestyle contraction.  Let me know what you think of it.

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