A Cheap (But Good!) Alternative To Under Armour Base Layer 4.0

Under Armour Base Layer 4.0 is the top of the heap when it comes to heavy-duty expedition weight base layers for cold weather.  (Although I’ve been less-than-pleased with how well mine has held up… but I’ll save that story for another article).

The big problem with the Under Armour Base Layer 4.0 is that it’s expensive.  If memory serves, I paid about $92 for mine… which is enough money to buy a decent jacket.  Normally I wouldn’t blow so much cash on an under garment, but I had a gift card … and I was curious to test the technology.

Well, it works pretty well.  You’re not gonna walk through the arctic circle with just a base layer and nothing else, but it’s a good product. But was it worth $91?  No.

I found a good alternative though.  An alternative that is 90% as good as the Under Armour Base Layer 4.0 and less than 1/4th the price: Wickers Expedition Weight Long Underwear shirt.  It’s feels almost the same as the U/A 4.0, although it comes in a loose fit rather than a compression fit.

I’ve had both the tops and bottoms for over a year now and they’ve held up very well. No complaints. Better than the U/A in fact (although to be fair, I probably wore the U/A more).

You can buy the Wickers at Sierra Trading post (not an affiliate link, by the way) for about $20 a piece.  Check ’em out:





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