Is The Republican Party Going Through It’s Own Civil War?

There is a civil war going on in the Republican party, mostly between Karl Rove and the Tea Party.  Rove’s position is that the Elephants need to nominate candidates that can win.  The Tea Party says, “What’s the point, if they’re not Conservative?”

The Rove camp counters with the argument that: “The Todd Akin-types will never win.”

I agree.  But their are better “Right” candidates than the Todd Akins of the world, because let’s face it: The Mitt Zombies aren’t doing such a good job of getting elected, either.

“Mann” Coulter sums up the Rove-ite side of the argument pretty well in this article.

There’s gotta be better CONSERVATIVE and LIBERTARIAN candidates hiding out there who can surely get elected and get our message across, right?  So, what’s going on?  Is the party holding them down?  Or is the overall system already so compromised that they can’t get nominated without a Ron/Rand Paul type of war chest?

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