Further Evidence Of People And Companies Fleeing High Tax Blue States

An older gentleman in my guitar class told us he moved from Illinois to escape the high taxes.  He’d lived there all of his life.  You know the taxes and laws are oppressive when a man who has lived in the State all of his life finally decides to get up and leave.

Then there are these types of stories popping up more and more frequently:

RENO, NV (KRNV & MyNews4.com) –A California company is expanding into Northern Nevada and the move means hundreds of more jobs to the area.

Governor Brian Sandoval will join the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada to announce the expansion of a wireless services company that is estimated to bring at least 400 new jobs to the region over five years.

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CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel gave Rick Perry a Chicago-style greeting Monday, challenging the Texas governor to remember the reasons for his visit to Illinois — a jab at Perry’s presidential debate forgetfulness.

“I hope when he comes he remembers all three of his reasons,” Emanuel said. “Because it will be a real test for him.”

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Get situated where you want to be, now folks.  A great divide is coming…

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  1. Very wise words in this article. We have seen with all the recent fuss about the Trayvon Martin case that social unrest can kick off without warning. As people get older and frailer, they do not want to find themselves sitting ducks in a hostile environment, where laws may be changed so that they are not even allowed to legally defend themselves against violent thugs.

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