Best Protection Dog Breed? Dog Expert Reveals The Best Personal Protection Dog Breed reveals the best personal protection dog breed for you and your family.

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Any time you talk about dog breeds, two things become immediately apparent: First, everybody thinks they’re a dog expert. Apparently, owning a dog makes you an expert. And second: There is not one perfect dog breed despite what breed enthusiasts would have you believe. It all depends on what traits you’re looking for in a dog.

Keep in mind that a good dog is a good dog, it doesn’t matter what breed. I’ve owned three dog training companies and I’ve worked with a lot of different dogs. And I’ve owned quite a few dog, personally. The best dog I’ve ever owned was a mixed breed, so I’m definitely not a breed snob.

That being said: When a client would ask me to find them a dog with certain characteristics, I’d almost always look for a purebred dog that would meet their requirements, because there is predictability with purebred dogs. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a bet you can place with greater odds than choosing a mixed breed dog.

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