Apocalypse 101: New Prepper Show Airs This Tuesday After Doomsday Preppers

Based on the clips posted on the Nat Geo web site, this show actually looks pretty decent in that the preppers profiled seem like fairly normal people, not the typical kooks that Doomsday Preppers mocks.

From the National Geographic site:

“Meet the experts of Forge Survival Supply, Joel Stevens, Mike Kozeliski, Jimmy Campbell, and Mark Puhaly. Comprised of former marines, survivalist, and adventurists, these outdoorsmen share their skills and expertise with people who want to be prepared for the unexpected.”

“If the flood waters rise, if the virus spreads, if the bombs go off — the guys who run Forge Survival Supply are ready. Meet four former Marines who believe that they have what it takes to survive almost any doomsday scenario. Joel, Mark, Mike and Jimmy own Forge Survival Supply; their mission is to use what they have on hand to teach and test their clients’ survival skills.  Set your DVR!!!!”

Update: By the way… if you’re looking for the knife that was featured in one of the recent episodes, then you’re looking for the: Parry Blade Survival Knife.  

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