Sobert Gummer Is Suspicious Of Discovery Channel’s “Naked Castaway”

I’ve just finished watching the first two episodes of Naked Castaway. I think he’s got his priorities all screwed up. Granted, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of this Discovery Channel gem, but let’s face it: He’s 24 days in and he still hasn’t gotten around to hunting for food because… he WANTS a bigger shelter?? WTF??

Naked Castaway?  How About: Naked Idiot

So, he wastes time making a grass skirt and a thatched hut (mind you, he already has a perfectly acceptable cave he’s using as shelter) while he’s starving to death but the genius can’t think about using some cordage to make some snare traps or try to catch a goat?

Okay, I’d give the guy a pass if he didn’t know anything about survival or if he didn’t have any training.  But he was in the British Army and had some jungle training.  He’d also (allegedly) walked the entire Amazon on foot.  And before he started his 60 days on the Island, the producers showed the Abos teaching him how to use a bow drill and a hand drill to start a fire.  They didn’t teach him to hunt or make traps??  “Okay.”

It still took him 14 days to make a fire.  What the hell was he doing for 14 days??

Let’s Be Honest: This Naked Castaway Just Isn’t Too Bright

Naked CastawaySure, fire is hard to start.  In fact, it’s downright difficult.  In a humid environment it’s a major pain in the ass.  But 14 days?  Come on… let’s get real.  Either the guy is worse at prioritizing his time than the dilbert who works down at my local Kinkos or… something is fishy in Denmark.

He also looks like he’s being fed, if you ask me. At roughly 600 calories a day (if that?) after 24 days he would have looked a lot more skinny and ragged than he did. My guess is that they’re leaving him 1200-1500 calorie MREs… just enough to keep him hungry but not so much that he’ll lose massive muscle and weight (and viewers!) living on the tadpoles and coconuts he’s eating. Around day 15 his teeth looked suspiciously whiter than even in the beginning of the show.

So… is it worth watching?  Yes… Naked Castaway is still worth watching, although it’s not as educational as some of the other shows like Cody Lundin or Les Stroud.