Visiting Weatherby Rifles Corporate Headquarters In Paso Robles, California

Cool place. Very knowledgeable staff. Their Mark V model line looks like a very nice rifle.  I don’t like going to California per se, because I can’t legally carry my concealed carry weapon.  So I don’t.  It’s a risk  you just have to take sometimes.  But if the Zombie outbreak happens while I’m in California, this is where I want to be when it happens.









An iPhone Case That’s Also A Stun Gun? No Thanks.

File this one under: False sense of security.  One of my readers sent me a link to this story:

If the link above still works, you’ll notice that the article starts with:

“Former Army soldier Seth Froom vividly recalls when he was robbed at gunpoint in his own house in 2011. With his face to the floor and an iPhone in his hand, he watched helplessly as his home was ransacked.”

“I kept thinking what I could have done to stop this,” said Froom. Two years after that traumatic event, Froom and his college buddy Sean Simone had invented a solution that has the potential to make millions — an iPhone case that doubles as a 650,000-volt stun gun.

Later in the article it states: “Touch the device to someone and it can deliver a shock that causes significant discomfort, ranging from mild to extreme pain, Simone said.”

In the video attached to the article (the one where CNN’s Don Lemon is screaming, “These need to be regulated! I’m not comfortable with just anybody being able to get these!” — they say the stun feels like a bee sting.

So, just to recap:

  • A professional soldier suffers a home invasion where a man holds a gun to his head… and the best solution he can come up with is… an iPhone case that causes a shock that feels like a bee sting?  Mmmmkay…  Might I suggest: Buying a gun and moving to a better neighborhood? Or at the least, get a Night Lock for your door and a big dog?
  • Stun guns are already legal in 40 states.  Good ones, the ones that deliver strong, painful shocks.  And Don Lemmon is worried that this thing is going to be a problem?  Why, because the kind of people who would run around shocking other people can’t walk into any Harbor Freight and buy a stun gun to do that, now?  Oh… my… god… what will we elites do once the unwashed masses have a way to run around and shoot each other… with iPhone cases that produce mild discomfort??

Guns For Preppers

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Two Air Rifles I Bought Recently Because The Chickens Must Be Protected At All Costs!

In anticipation of our new flock of chickens, I figured it would be a good idea to get a couple of air rifles to keep on hand to deal with potential predators.  I also figured that it might be a good time to stock up on pellets since ammo has been virtually unavailable and if this situation continues I can see a lot of shooters switching to air rifles.  (Granted, it’s likely much easier to ramp up production of pellets in the face of increased demand than it would be rifle ammo).

Since we live in a semi-suburban area I was concerned about how much noise either rifle would make.  These are the two I selected:

  • Gamo Silent Cat: -I like this .177  air rifle.  It comes with a scope but reviews on Amazon suggested the scope is kind of cheap and I didn’t want to hassle with putting it on.  Fortunately, the iron sights are fantastic.  I also like that you only have to break the barrel and drop a pellet in, then close it back up and fire, whereas the Benjamin below requires several pumps.  I’m far from a crack shot, but this gun’s accuracy seemed good enough to drop a rat (with a body shot, anyway) from at least 20 yards).


  • Crossman Benjamin 392 – This is a .22 pellet gun.  Apparently, they’ve been around for years (30+) and have something of a cult following.  My father had a similar pellet gun when I was a kid.  It was a handgun though, and he had put a rifle stock attachment on it.  His probably wasn’t the same model as this one, but it feels pretty close (except for the stock).  This air rifle has a wood stock and has the feel of a “real rifle.”  It’s profile is quite a bit shorter than the Gamo Silent Cat and that makes it easier to wield.  Unfortunately, the sights aren’t as good.  They’re decent.  They work.  But the sight picture just isn’t as good as the Gamo’s.  The other thing I’m not crazy about is that once you get past five pumps, you need arms like Arnold to continue pumping it.  I have no idea what the velocity is with only… say, two pumps.  But I have a hard time seeing myself struggling with pumping this thing while Mr. Raccoon decimates my chickens.  Four or five pumps will (hopefully) be enough to do the deed.  Regardless, the thing is bad ass and I’ll be keeping it for no other reason than to plink at targets and teach the kid next door how to shoot.

Here’s Why The 3-D Printed Gun Is Gonna Change Everything

I remember the first time I heard about a fax machine.  It was like something from a James Bond movie.  Within a period of a few years, fax machines were everywhere.  And a few years after that, they were common place.

3-D printers will be the same way.

Soon, everybody will have a 3-D printer.  Sure, the government will try to legislate gun parts.  If you’re caught with a magazine that holds more than X number of rounds, there will be repercussions.  But that won’t stop a lot of people from printing and subsequently hiding combat-oriented gun parts “just in case.”

And this is a good thing, because in the case of a national emergency it will mean that more people will have the tools to keep their families safe and not have to suffer because Dumbo Joe Biden couldn’t understand “why you need” a 30 round magazine.  Not to mention all of the other tools you’ll be able to print in the event of a less-than-total economic collapse but one that nonetheless affects distribution lines.

Link: Watch This Guy Fire 600 Rounds With A Partially 3-D Printed Gun
From the article: “Defense Distributed’s new demonstration of their improved 3-D printed gun with a large capacity magazine seems designed to confound–and throw a middle finger to–Congress, which is trying to ban high-capacity magazines.”

What Guns Do You Love To Take To The Range?

My friends Skeet, Pierce, Juan-Carlos and I were sitting around the fireplace enjoying an after dinner drink while the ladykind were in the kitchen making tea.  The question came up, “What guns do you love to take to the range?”

I’m a simple man, so for me the Glock 19 is the one gun I always take to the range.  It’s the one I’ve spent the most time taking tactical training classes with, so– not surprisingly– it’s the one I feel most comfortable with.  It’s also the gun I carry when I’m not packing the Ruger LCP.  So, any trip to the range necessitates bringing one of the Glock 19’s, from a purely “skill maintenance” perspective.

But the gun I have the most fun with at the range is the Ruger 10/22.  Good to about 100 yards and with only the cheapie 3-9X40 scope that it came with, not only is it a proverbial “tack driver” but it also has virtually no recoil and is cheap, cheap, cheap to shoot.  (Although not nearly as cheap as it used to be!)

My friend Skeet has a pearl handled .45 Springfield 1911.  Something about it being like the gun Samuel Jackson had in Pulp Fiction.  Whatever.

Juan-Carlos, the Costa Rican, still likes his Heckler and Koch USP in 9mm and brings it every time we go to the range, I suspect because the H&K’s are so darn popular back in his home country.  Pierce on the other hand won’t leave the house for the range if he can’t bring his Colt Grizzly, a .357 Magnum with a Python barrel matched with Colt King Cobra frame.  I can’t blame him.

What guns do you love to bring to the range?  Leave your comments, below…