Get This Book: Beyond Collapse

This book came highly recommended by the folks at on of the prepper clubs I attend.

Apparently, the author has made the book free if you download it.

Beyond Collapse:

If you want a physical copy (and it’s a big, big book!) you’ll have to pay for it.

From what I understand, it scratched beneath the surface of what most of the prepper books touch on.  It was specifically recommended to me because of it’s focus on group dynamics and what happens after rule of law, inside a neighborhood.

I haven’t read it yet but will post my thoughts when I get around to it.

Former SAS And All-Around Bad Ass John “Lofty” Wiseman Tells How It All Began

John “Lofty” Wiseman wrote one of the first survival manuals to really catch an international audience.  As a former British Para and SAS commando, he is a certified bad ass  Watch this video below and tell me if he doesn’t have a certain… air of authenticity about him?

I also found these two videos that look to be from a TV show he did in the early 80’s called, “Duncan Dares”.  Lots of lessons, even if the Brit English is a bit difficult to understand: