A Few Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

I’ve always felt that camping is a pretty good way to field-test your preps.  And let’s face it: It’s fun.  Buzzfeed has a good list of  “41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius.”  Some of these are purely fun stuff for the kids, but many are definitely prepper-worthy.  Although I question the time investment in making your own lantern with a milk jug and a head lamp.  If you know you’re going to need a lantern, just pick one up at your local sporting good store.  They’re not expensive (I find the little cheap LED ones are even more practical than the larger ones when camping) rather than wasting time doing arts and crafts hour.

But I guess it’s a good activity to keep the kids busy (read: Off drugs).

I do like their idea for a make-shift toilet.  Using the milk crate gets you higher up off the ground.  Right now I’ve got a luggable-loo and about 25 five gallon buckets in the garage, but I may need to put together one of these with the milk crates as it seems like it would be a lot more comfortable than squatting on a five gallon bucket.

Check out the camping hacks at the link below.

Camping Hacks That Can Be Used By Preppers, Too

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  1. Your commentary about the water jug lantern is silly! It doesn’t take any time to strap a headlamp to a jug of water, and it works great. I just got back from a two week camping trip and this is what I used to light inside my tent. It was awesome.

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