Started Building A “Get Home” Bag For The Wife’s Car

We took the wife’s car over to Discount Tire to have the winter tires swapped back out for the regular all-season tires and in the process I realized that she didn’t have a full “Get Home” bag in the car.

See, when we returned from living overseas, we only had one car for quite awhile.  Then we moved a couple of times, all in the period of a few years before buying our house (all cash!) and then bought a second car.

I had a cooler I’d keep with a bunch of random stuff (flashlight, small knife, energy bars, etc…) that I cannibalized when I built my car kit and later only got as far as ordering a backpack to start building her kit before getting distracted by bigger and shinier adventures.

20130226-170835.jpgSo, while we were waiting for Discount Tires to swap out the tires we walked across the street to Scheels, a mega-super store similar to Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop.  I’m not crazy about Scheels because their prices are typically full retail… and I hate paying full retail for anything.

But Lord knows I can’t go near anything camping or survival related without buying something and I figured it was a good opportunity to start building her get home bag.

I’ll make a separate full post of everything that I’ll put in her “Get Home” bag, but for today we came home with just a couple of multi-use items:

1.  100′ of olive drab paracord.

2.  Two bandanas.  (During the walk back to Discount Tire I explained to her some of the many uses for a bandana.)

3.  The SOL Bivvy sack, “Ideal for those occasions when you take the wrong turn and are forced to spend the unexpected night out.”  Although I wish they’d had the two-person Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Survival Blanket, which I might need to order for both of our car kits, eventually.

4.  A roll of toilet paper (that was already floating around the back seat of the car.  What can I say… I like spicy food) but can be used as tinder in a pinch.

I bought half a dozen of the desert tan “Diplomat” 3 Day backpacks from LA Police Gear when they were on sale a few years ago.  They’re a fantastic bag at a very reasonable price.  I’ll continue to use them, although I do regret buying them because after my experience living in Bogota, Colombia, I’ve come to the conclusion that in a SHTF scenario you don’t want to be carrying anything that looks too “tacticool” or that might get you mistaken for either a soldier or a guerilla.  So, from now on everything I buy will be the civilian non-military/non-police version when possible.

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