3600 calorie Mayday Bars For The Get-Home Bag

Our prepper club has it’s meetings at a local “prepper store”.  In the back, they’ve got a room for meetings.

I’d been on the prowl for some Datrex emergency life raft bars.  The owner didn’t have any, but he did have the 3600 calorie Mayday bars— which are pretty much the same thing.  I paid $6, which I thought was a pretty good price until I realized that you can get them at Amazon for slightly cheaper.  Oh, well.  It’s helping out a local businessman and the guy who runs the store is a very nice guy.

He also had some samples to try.  They’re kind of bland tasting.  You won’t really be tempted to open one of these and eat it as a snack, but you don’t have to choke it down, either.  I bought four of them: Two for my truck and two for the wife’s car.

Later in the day I stopped by Sportsman’s Warehouse with the intention of picking up another $15 wool blend blanket for my wife’s car, as I’m still putting together her get-home bag.  While there, I also bought two 36 hour survival candles.  Heat, warmth, food, shelter– I’ve got a bunch of other stuff in her bag that I’ll list in a future post.

We’re making progress.

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