Wiggy’s Jacket Liner – If You Like The M65 Jacket Liner, You’ll Probably…

This is a short review of the Wiggys Jacket Liner. Wiggy’s is an American company well-known for it’s sleeping bags and cold weather sleep systems.

If you like the M65 jacket liner, then you’ll probably like the Wiggy’s jacket liner even more. This liner is exceptional for the “One Bag” traveler, as it’s very light weight and adds virtually nothing to your bag weight, but will give you additional insulation beneath the jacket you’re wearing. For $35 (current discounted price at the time of publication) — it’s hard to go wrong. And you don’t have to worry about looking like a military wannabe if you get it in black. Fly low and avoid the radar!

An additional benefit to this liner is that the nylon shell does not attract dog hair, making it ideal for schlubbing around the house in.

Find it, here:

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