Wasteland Weekend festival sees 1000s of Mad Max fans gather in Californian desert

For many, the end of the world might seem daunting, but for Wasteland Weekend festival goers a post-apocalyptic world in the middle of a Californian desert is escapism.

I guess in their version of the apocalypse, food is (apparently) plentiful. I.E., Too many fatties!

Minivan Life — Is A Minivan the Perfect Camper?

You may have noticed that amongst our tribe of shredders, paddlers, surfers and such, there’s a shared quest to score, outfit and live out of the “perfect camper.” Perhaps you’ve seen the increasingly familiar hash- tag, promoting this nouveau-Jack-Kerouac-notion of kicking it all and hitting the open road. So alternative… so latter-day gypsy, bro. But there’s a serious hitch…