The Other “Best Prep” You Can Have…

Aside from networking with people in your community (the best form of prepping) or faith or the importance of a strong family… The other “best prep” you can have is a recession/depression-proof small business that you start and grow before you need it. Why before you need it?  Because all small businesses have a learning curve.  Sometimes that learning curve can take a year or two… under the best circumstances.  And you don’t want to be fighting hunger pangs while you’re going through that learning curve. Sometimes even the best business minds fail at what they do.  They just don’t hit it out of the park, every time, let alone mere mortals like you and me. So– it’s better to make mistakes and go through the learning curve while the economy is still chugging along, than it is to wait until things fall apart.

The Best Type Of Small Business
For a Recession/Depression Economy

I’m still undecided if there really is a, ‘best’ type of small business for a depression economy.  Rawles talks about businesses that fall into the “three ‘d’s'”: Dirty, dangerous or difficult.

I’m not so sure.  In a kick-ass depression, there will be a lot of people willing to do dirty, dangerous or difficult work.

I’m not entirely convinced that becoming the world’s greatest salesman wouldn’t be better than pumping sewage.  Check out this guy, for example:

I’d imagine that this guy would do pretty well in almost any economic environment.