I Wonder If This Would Keep Predators Away From Chicken Coops And Gardens?

Our chicken coop is built like Fort Knox.  But you can never be too safe.  I like the idea of using animal psychology to keep predators away from my food production system.

If nothing else, it’s an interesting niche:

From their site:
“Coyote Urine, Fox Urine, Bobcat Urine, Raccoon Urine, Mt. Lion Urine, Cougar Urine, Panther Urine, Wolf Urine, Bear Urine, Whitetail Deer Urine, Whitetail Doe in Heat Urine, Whitetail Buck in Rut Urine, Moose Urine, Rabbit Scent, Squirrel Scent, Skunk Scent…”

I’ve read that a lot of predators absolutely detest the smell of human urine and will avoid it.  Although I’d imagine if an animal hasn’t had a bite to eat in a few days, just the scent probably isn’t going to be enough to keep ’em away.

Abundance Is Our Future?

I’ve been thinking lately about how much doom and gloom has permeated the media.

Fear sells.  If it bleeds, it leads.

You can’t turn on FoxNews without seeing a “Breaking News Alert!”

It used to be that “Breaking News Alerts” meant that the President had been shot.  Or that the Japs had just bombed Pearl Harbor.

Not anymore.  Now we have “Breaking News Alerts” when a child gets lost at the mall.

Peter Diamandis has some interesting views about a decidely less gloomy future in his TED Talk titled: Abundance Is Our Future

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

There are two easy ways to open a can of food without a can opener. My wife didn’t believe me when I told her this would work.

The first way is to rub the top of the can in a circular motion against a piece of rough concrete (like a parking bumper or even a strip of sidewalk). However– it makes a lot of noise, and in a SHTF scenario I don’t like the idea of eing outside broadcasting to everybody around that I’ve got a can of food.

In a perfect world, you’d have a can opener on your knife or keychain.

But what if you don’t?

This method makes a lot more sense that the concrete method:

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a couple dozen of these lying around… would it?