Here’s Why The 3-D Printed Gun Is Gonna Change Everything

I remember the first time I heard about a fax machine.  It was like something from a James Bond movie.  Within a period of a few years, fax machines were everywhere.  And a few years after that, they were common place.

3-D printers will be the same way.

Soon, everybody will have a 3-D printer.  Sure, the government will try to legislate gun parts.  If you’re caught with a magazine that holds more than X number of rounds, there will be repercussions.  But that won’t stop a lot of people from printing and subsequently hiding combat-oriented gun parts “just in case.”

And this is a good thing, because in the case of a national emergency it will mean that more people will have the tools to keep their families safe and not have to suffer because Dumbo Joe Biden couldn’t understand “why you need” a 30 round magazine.  Not to mention all of the other tools you’ll be able to print in the event of a less-than-total economic collapse but one that nonetheless affects distribution lines.

Link: Watch This Guy Fire 600 Rounds With A Partially 3-D Printed Gun
From the article: “Defense Distributed’s new demonstration of their improved 3-D printed gun with a large capacity magazine seems designed to confound–and throw a middle finger to–Congress, which is trying to ban high-capacity magazines.”

Expatriation As A Survival Option?

Expatriation as a survival option?  Not at this time.  I’ve spent the past ten years looking and haven’t been able to find any place better than America.  That’s why I came back: For all it’s warts, it’s still the prettiest girl at the dance.

You can find countries that have individual things that are better than we have (better weather, friendlier women, less expensive restaurants) but when you factor everything in… America is still hard to beat. Plus, there’s so much stuff culturally that we take for granted. Once you get away from the inner cities in America, our culture is actually pretty strong.

For example: There was a pot hole in the sidewalk in front of my house and the neighbor’s house. Both the neighbor and I got together and said, “This needs to be fixed before somebody gets hurt. I called the city, but they told me it would take two weeks before somebody could come out and fix it. So, my neighbor and I fixed it ourselves, out of our own pocket. That’s culture. I just haven’t seen that type of thing living overseas (at least not in Latin America).

Another example: We were living in a high-end, wealthy area in Bogota, Colombia. But our condo was a house or two down from a cute commercial area: Bookstores, coffee places, sushi, etc… Guards/doormen standing around, delivery guys running around, cops, military, etc… And some low life stops and squats down on the sidewalk and takes a dump. WTF? Nobody says anything. Could you imagine that happening here? Maybe in some areas, but not typically.  If there were people standing around… especially cops… he’d get arrested.

American culture is something we frequently take for granted but it matters.  Most of the web sites hawking the benefits of expatriating are secretly run by real estate agents and land developers– so don’t be fooled by their descriptions of the high life on a budget: Nothing in life is free.

Will Your Dog Protect You?

As the former owner of two professional dog training companies (including a South Bay K-9 Academy) and the author of nine dog training books (see: “Dogs For Preppers“) I am writing this to contest a few of the assertions made in the article “Thoughts On Dogs At Survival Retreats” that recently appeared on Jim Rawles’s


Specifically the claim that, “[Dogs] don’t need to be attack trained/naturally protective; [and] Dogs are naturally protective of the pack, and will fight to the death to protect any and all pack members.”



Just like the guys who own a few guns and thus consider themselves experts, many people who’ve owned a few dogs consider themselves experts on canine behavior.  Veterinarians have less than 2 hours of instruction on canine behavior during their entire course of training.  A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, and in this case in particular I wanted to set the record straight.


Ms. Tammy Turner [name changed] was a woman who contacted me after being raped by a stalker.  Her two large German Shepherd dogs lied on the floor next to her bed in a state of what we dog trainers call, “conflict” because they hadn’t been trained to attack on command.


After the incident, she switched to the Rottweiler breed and began training with a professional dog training outfit  (my company) to teach her new dogs how to attack on command.


Protection training for dogs is like gun training for us humans:  If you haven’t trained for a deadly encounter, then the probability of your dog responding the right way during a high stress conflict is low.


In addition: Most dogs do not have the genetic drive and nerves to do competent bite work.  This is why both the military (and better police departments) have a selection process: Most dogs wash out.


That being said: It’s my opinion that most people do not require a dog that can do bite work.  They need a dog that will bark and alert when somebody comes near the property.  It is the owner’s job to then get their gun and deal with the situation, not the dog’s.


As for Ms. Turner?  She ended up becoming both a Rottweiler breeder and a gun owner.

Brits Urged To Get Money Out Of Spanish Banks, Fast!

From the article: ““There is going to be a big flight of money and that flight of money won’t just be from Cyprus, it will be from the other eurozone countries, too. There are 750,000 British people who own properties, or who live, many of them in retirement, down in Spain.”

Read the full article at the link, below:



Got Four Nato Gas Cans– But Can’t Get One To Close!

I ordered four Nato gas cans that arrived last night. These are the heavy duty metal cans that look like they’re built to withstand the apocalypse.

Unfortunately, only three of the four will close correctly. With the fourth one the top comes down flush (first photo below) whereas it needs to overshoot the opening in order to close properly. And no amount of force or wiggle seems to make a difference.


I called the company I ordered them from (Atlantic British). Very friendly customer service. He asked that I send them a picture and tomorrow morning he would ask some of the other guys in the shop and if nobody knew what to do, they’ll send me another one. Can’t really ask for more than that.

Here’s a picture of one of the other ones that DOES work correctly. Notice how the top (correctly) overshoots the edge of the lip.



That being said, the Scepter tops are so much easier to work with. I’d recommend going with one of those in the future.

Update: One of my buddies noticed that the top looks like it’s a little warped and suggested that I use a plyers to bend it out enough so that it would close.  I decided to wait to hear back from Atlantic British before doing anything to it, and they insisted they send me a new one, with a shipping label so that I could send the faulty one back on their dime.  I offered to try fixing it with the plyers, but they told me the replacement was already in route.  That’s excellent customer service, in my book!  I’ll still probably go with the Scepter cans in the future, as the tops are easier to deal with.

I Just Ordered The “Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm” DVD

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I just ordered Marjorie Wildcraft’s “Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm.”  I’ve been hearing good things about this DVD for several years now, and with 222 five star reviews on Amazon, I gotta think it’ll be worth the money.  (At least I hope it will be!)

It should be here on Saturday and I’ll post a review after I watch it.

From the Amazon page, about Wildcraft’s bio:

“Marjory Wildcraft, is a nationally recognized expert in organic backyard food production. She is the creator of a widely acclaimed video tutorial titled Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm. Marjory teaches people with no gardening or agricultural experience, how to successfully grow healthy, vibrant, life-giving nutritious food. Her video is endorsed and carried by such notables as The Organic Consumers Association, The Permaculture Activist, Acre s USA, Bountiful Gardens,, Alex Jones, and The Weston-Price Nutrition Foundation. She has been featured as a guest on a diversity of national radio shows such as “Coast to Coast AM” and The Power Hour with Joyce Riley. “

Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm

Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm Rating:
List Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $53.96
(as of 03/21/2013 17:58 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Eligible For Free Shipping

Product Description

This video set is for those seeking self-reliance in growing food. The DVD was developed by a family that depends on these systems for a large part of their diet. Section 1: Overview * Why we began this journey * Soil types and climate of the site Section 2: Water * Water sources and qualities of water * How much water do you need? * Rain water collection systems * Wells * Ponds Section 3: Garden * Garden location * Size - how much area do you need? * Bio-Intensive gardening overview * Fertility * Watering the garden * Wind * Sun and shade * Bugs and insects * Vegetable varieties and seed saving * Getting started Section 4: Rabbits * Housing and protection * Watering systems * Feeding * Breeds * Reproduction * Other resources Section 5: Home Butchering * Tools * Butchering a rabbit * Tanning hides * Butchering poultry * Other animals Section 6: Poultry * Chicken breeds * Feeding * Watering * Housing and egg collecting * Predator protection * Getting started Section 7: Dogs * Why dogs? * Dog training * Feeding * Housing * Size and breeds * Final thoughts Section 8: Perennials: Orchards, Food Forests, and Edible Landscaping * Locations and micro climates * Watering * Fertility * Using geese for fertility * Tree varieties * Planting and care of trees * Getting started Section 9: Other Essentials * Calorie crops * Solar food dehydration * Home made herbicide test * Fire ants * Injuries * Hog panels and tee posts * Water levels and mapping contours * Rocket stove and hay box cooker * In The Wake; a manual for outliving civilization * Propagating leuceana


No features available.

Is The Republican Party Going Through It’s Own Civil War?

There is a civil war going on in the Republican party, mostly between Karl Rove and the Tea Party.  Rove’s position is that the Elephants need to nominate candidates that can win.  The Tea Party says, “What’s the point, if they’re not Conservative?”

The Rove camp counters with the argument that: “The Todd Akin-types will never win.”

I agree.  But their are better “Right” candidates than the Todd Akins of the world, because let’s face it: The Mitt Zombies aren’t doing such a good job of getting elected, either.

“Mann” Coulter sums up the Rove-ite side of the argument pretty well in this article.

There’s gotta be better CONSERVATIVE and LIBERTARIAN candidates hiding out there who can surely get elected and get our message across, right?  So, what’s going on?  Is the party holding them down?  Or is the overall system already so compromised that they can’t get nominated without a Ron/Rand Paul type of war chest?

Imagine Seeing Your Bank Account Balance Reduced To Zero, Overnight!

As if the shenanigans in Cyprus weren’t enough to freak everybody out (“Deposits of €100,000 or less would be subject to a 6.75 percent levy, and any deposits greater than that could be taxed at a rate of 9.9 percent”) but now this:

“Millions of Chase Bank customers were affected by an unfortunately timed glitch which resulted in their checking and savings accounts showing a zero balance for several hours yesterday, prompting many to take to Twitter and express panic that their money had been stolen.”

Link: Chase Customers See Bank Balance Reduced to Zero

Yes… all in one week!

If that’s not enough to make you question whether digital assets are real or not… I don’t know what will.  As more of these kind of stories become common place, I can easily see physical assets (precious metals, real estate, collectibles, etc…) becoming more popular among investors.  I predict that after the next flash crash you’ll see a rush into such physical assets.  Might be wise to get ahead of the game, now… although that would require a tremendous amount of both courage and conviction at this point in time.

Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

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This is kind of a cool idea: You put this thing behind a curtain and if somebody is looking at your window from the outside, it gives the appearance of a computer monitor being on, as if somebody is working at the computer. It’s a plugin unit the size of a coffee cup and it uses less electricity than a real monitor. Combine it with a cheap AM radio left on a talk radio channel and a would-be thief ** might ** be fooled. It would also help if you left a couple of Rottweilers in the house, too.

FakeTV FTV-10 Burglar Deterrent

FakeTV FTV-10 Burglar Deterrent Rating:
List Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $24.95
(as of 03/19/2013 03:49 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description

FakeTV is an effective burglar deterrent because it simulates the light output of an operating television. Viewed from outside after dusk, FakeTV makes it look like you are enjoying your favorite programs, rather than out for the evening. Most burglars would rather not break into a house they think is occupied. FakeTV uses 12 super-bright, computer-controlled LEDs to make constantly changing light effects, such as scene changes, motion, fades, color-shifts, and swells. Recommended by numerous police departments and neighborhood watch groups. A built-in light sensor turns the unit on at dusk, and it can be set for 4 hour, 7 hour, or constant on operation. Includes AC adapter.


No features available.